Door closing, door opening….

jan 10 002

Work space at #35….

Jan 10, ‘13

Moving is in process – Big Time!  I’m at a point where the door that’s closing behind me is ½ open and the door that’s opening ahead of me is ½ open….

Two of my sisters showed up day before yesterday with a station wagon and a pick-up truck.  We made 2 trips from here to there and transported a lot of my stuff.  Memory-making moments with sisters and a whole lot of big stuff moved, too.

And, it seems to me, a lot more to go.  I swear that Stuff breeds and behind my back, when I was moving stuff into #76, the stuff here at #35 divided and multiplied….  I feel overwhelmed by the mountains of Stuff in 2 apartments.

Body and mind, I’m sore.  I realized I hit bottom yesterday when I slept through 2 snooze alarms and spent the day feeling as if I were half asleep and my legs and mind stiff and sore as hell.   Yesterday afternoon and evening  was devoted to healing.  Napping, eating leafy green vegetables, meditation and getting back to a mind-set where I was gladly in the Now & eager to take more action.  It seems to be working, that healing.  This morning I only slept through one snooze….

When I woke before the 2nd snooze alarm, my mind leaped into action, crazed with details of packing and moving.  With 2 hours to go before the next  set of  Movers arrive with a pick-up truck and strong bodies,   I decided to work now and pack later so spent some final moments in my living room studio through 48 minutes of the Dalai Lama chant and calmed my mind for the ordeal of Labor ahead for today.  Kind of like childbirth;  I’m not going to feel better until after the hard part is past….  So, might as well do something relaxing and calming between the need to PUSH!

I’ll miss this place dearly; life has been good here.  Even the hard parts….  I’m looking forward to the new place because the light is better than it is here and also, the new place is way less drafty and I’m looking forward to living in a place with more sun and  less chill.

Right now, though, I sense the urgency to prepare for another PUSH, so will close, for now.

jan 10 001

More stuff to be moved

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2 Responses to Door closing, door opening….

  1. It is amazing how stuff seems to multiply! I have been getting rid of stuff every week to my local charity. I look around and can’t believe how much I have left! Congrats on the move and enjoy the light! Sunshine and light always uplifts.

    • The Move is a little more than half over. With good weather expected this weekend, I’m feeling optimistic that most everything will be moved except a few things that are too big or heavy and I’m hiring a couple of men with a truck, hopefully early next week. I try to live frugally & simply but the amount of stuff I have to move says different. Something I apparently need to work on….

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