Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

Jan 1, ‘13




Life is impermanent; Strive on with Awareness.  Buddha

I was tired last night.  Moving is exhausting.  Dragging a bunch of baggage around, whether emotional or physical – or both – is exhausting, no 2 ways about that.

Around suppertime, as I was perusing FaceBook and feeling a need for supper, I wished that the good take-out fairy would come around and deliver me a pizza.   When no pizza arrived from my wish, I remembered that my friend had brought me a hambone so I could make us a deluxe Pea Soup.

Pea Soup w/out a hambone is ok.  It’s ok w/no protein and it’s ok w/Chicken or hamburg, Italian Sausage or Bacon Bits.  But it’s over the top OK with a hambone and I had one, delivered to me earlier in the day by a good friend.  For many years, I’ve been the recipient of his family’s Christmas hambone.  I decided to open a can of sardines for my supper and while I was up, start a Deluxe Pea Soup in my crock pot.

Well, now.   The hambone had an awful lot of meat on it, enough for a Super Deluxe Pea Soup.  I decided to take the excess ham and a few potatoes I had in the larder and make a casserole dish of Super Deluxe Scalloped Potates for my New Year’s Eve Supper.  That is when my plan took off.

I prepared the Scalloped Potatoes and the Pea Soup at the same time with the sliced and grated onion going into 2 different pots.  I grated carrots for the pea soup.  I thinly sliced the 3 small potatoes for the Scalloped Potatoes.  I diced a hunk of ham with most of the pieces going into the  Scalloped Potatoes and the rest into the soup.  Long story short, I had an hour or so of inspired cooking.

Because the oven was turned on for the Scalloped Potatoes, I decided to make full use of it and make a an Extra Chocolate Chocolate Crazy Cake.  I’d already run into the problem of finding things missing from my cupboards when I went to grate the carrots and realized that the grater I preferred was already delivered to #76.  I ran into the problem again when I put the Crazy Cake together and realized that either of the pans I would ordinarily have used was also at #76.  So, time for improv; I used a bread pan to bake the cake.

With the cake baking in the oven, I sat down to eat my Scalloped Potatoes and a big bowl of delicious and snappy Snow Peas that I’d also heated in the oven.  The snow peas cost 99 cents at the supermarket where I stopped on my way from #76 to #35.  They’d been  marked-down for quick sale from $2.99.

It was a wonderful meal, thoroughly enjoyed….   A great meal to celebrate the passing of one year into another …  As I ate, I thought of my many woes and balanced my woes against my blessings with the Blessings far out-numbering the woes.  By the time the cake was done, my woes turned into clouds and were swept away by the winds of change.

The Chocolate Cake was also wonderful, eaten warm, washed-down with a big glass full of cold milk. Ahhhhhhh!  Life is good.

Chocolate cake is good for breakfast, too.


While I celebrated Chocolate Cake for breakfast, I was in my studio, drinking my 1st cup of morning coffee and working on this painting, Juneteenth.  (Oil on Canvas, WIP)    This painting was started in my Hamilton Avenue era which ended in September, 1990.   I was very happy on Hamilton Avenue and when it came time to leave, I felt very sad.  Kind of the way I feel now having to leave Culvert St.



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