Happy New Year!

Spike and other plants in bay window

Spike and the Houseplants in their Sunny New Spot

Dec 31, ‘12

I was up early this morning to listen to a friend’s radio program on my computer.  He has a radio program every other Monday morning on a public radio station on Cape Cod.  He played 3 hours of Bob Dylan or tunes written by Bob Dylan.

It was a wonderful way to start the day.

I worked on one of my paintings for 2 hours and then, feeling restless, I loaded 4 boxes of already packed stuff from my late last night packing session into the car and set off for my new address.  Six minutes later, I was there….

The snow underfoot and the bitter cold add a drag factor to loading and unloading.  I’m guessing that it takes  25 – 30% more energy to move house in the winter than it does any other month.

Mentally comparing the new place to the old, I feel a sense of dismay – a bitch-slapping Reality Check….    I find it hard to imagine myself living anywhere but where I am and have been these past 5 years and hoped to be for 5 more.   Since the Notice to Vacate, I feel  I’ve arrived at a state of being 50% Accepting, 50% Resentful, so at least there’s balance.    Resentment is down 99% from Dec 12 to today.

So, I took the first step today in a thousand steps of Moving; hauled those boxes from the car, across the snow to the house & deposited stuff in the kitchen and bathroom and the closet in the smallest bedroom.  I took stock of things I need to do — wipe down cupboards with powerful cleaner even though they seem clean, apply contact paper – erase the cooties of Other People,  chase out any lingering ghosts, make it mine….

I came home, had lunch worked on a painting for a few hours then packed up more stuff.  This time I packed up  most all my houseplants, including my big cactus, Spike.  I wrapped bubble wrap around the houseplants,  loosely, hoping to keep them somewhat warm on the trip across town.    Spike is quite spiny, so I wrapped him in a shawl.

They all seemed to be happy to arrive in their new home with their sunny new spot.

In the Now of New Year’s eve, I’m betwixt and between 2 homes.  One door closing, another door opening….  I hope it’s UP from here for all of us who are DOWN.   I’m hoping for a peaceful , prosperous and healthy New Year for Me and Mine and You All!

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Looks like a nice place. I love that room!

    • It is a nice place and the shot of this room is one of the nice things about it. For now, I’m sparing shots of the things I’m not happy about, like the bathroom the size of a postage stamp….

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