Seek No Further II


Dec 30, ’12



Light takes the tree; but who can tell us how?

The lowly worm climbs up a winding stair;

I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. 

(From The Waking by Theodore Roethke)


Today, I’m feeling morose.  Not exactly depressed, but I certainly have the feeling that I’m wearing boots of lead in regards to having to move and all that entails.  My heart feels some leaden, too.  I received a letter yesterday from a lawyer’s office.  The letter is a Notice to Vacate.  I’ve been waking to the reality for weeks, this notice nailed the reality to the wall.

There has been much snow, high winds and bitter weather this past week in NW CT, which makes the moving process a lot more difficult physically as well as mentally.

I have another apartment; it will do nicely in lieu of where I am now.  All the paperwork has been completed and I have the key.  I have no interest in going out in the snow & bitter cold and braving the high winds to drive across town to see it and take possession.

Today, painting has been good therapy, a place of refuge and comfort and where I’ve been finding a sense of Balance.  Seek No Further  is well along the way to being finished.  Great strides have been accomplished in coming close to finishing a few others in the series.

Carpe Diem.  This too, shall pass.


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2 Responses to Seek No Further II

  1. I am learning that the “bad” things that happen are the kick in the butt to get us to move forward. I don’t like being kicked in the butt! I know this is a bad time of year to have to move! I hope the move goes well. Thoughts and prayers for you this new year!

  2. I’m slowly accepting the fact that I must move & I’m moving. Took possession today; all my plants, a few rugs and many other items are established in the new space. One door closes, another opens…. Thank you for your response.

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