Painting 1x

Dec 7, ‘12

A few days ago, while I was at work on a painting, a sense of frustration intruded in the form of a harsh voice of my Inner Critic, elbowing aside the kind and gentle one, taking  precedence, rasping in my ear – demeaning, belittling, shaming, humiliating….   A sense of Easel-Rage, akin to that sense of Road Rage we who suffer from Road Rage probably can well understand,   made itself known to me.


“Step away from the easel!”

“Put down those tools!”

“Go into the other room!”

I went into the kitchen, picked up my  broom; focused on dirt and debris – moved it from one place to another.


“Before Inspiration; Wash Dishes, Chop Firewood.

After Inspiration: Wash Dishes, Chop Firewood.” (Zen statement recalled from a sign in a bookstore)


In the past few days since that moment I’ve attended to other business.  Letting it go; working it out….

Washing real and metaphorical Dishes…..

Chopping metaphorical Firewood…..

I am Willing & Open to receive Inspiration…..


This Friday morning, as is my long-established practice for Friday mornings, I’m back in my studio.

“Showing up is 80% of the Job.”  (Woody Allen)

“An act of Creativity is 2% Inspiration, 98% Perspiration.”  (Anonymous)



As is my long-established practice, The Dalai Lama chant is playing on my computer, signifying the opening of my work day as  Artist.  Peace is in my heart.

The sun is coming out, lighting up a gray December morning.

In my core being, in my memory,  in the Now — the Dalai Lama and I are painting in my garage on a Spring morning,  hearing the  brook and the birds, smelling things that grow on a warm spring day, filled with joy and delight at the beauty of the season and the joy of being.


I’m grateful to be in the continuum of The Process.

Thank you.









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