Thanksgiving Morning ’06



Nov. 9, ’12

We had our first Snow Storm in NW CT a few days ago a little over a week after we had a very strong hurricane.   One of the best parts of Storm Sandy here in Connecticut was that the weather wasn’t very cold.  One of the worst parts of the Nor’easter we had a few days ago, is that it’s gotten unseasonably cold coupled with the fact that we fell back into Standard Time and now it’s very dark, quite early in the evening.

Despite all the hubbub from weather events and the newly arrived cold, I’ve been working steadily on the paintings I discovered in my sister’s barn and my mother’s attic last spring/early summer.  My living room is now my studio, where I show up 5 mornings a week  to work on them.  I’ve been working from 9 to 3, most days.  Often I work for an hour or two in the early evening.  There are some days I’m most tired of these paintings, some days where the progress excites me.

There are over 50 paintings that all need a lot of work before I can call them finished.  The 15 or so paintings  I’m focused on at present are hanging on the walls, where I can see them and study them from the couch.

I worked on this painting this morning, before I went to work at my dayjob. I was very happy about it when I left off because it feels to me that this painting is heading toward the finish line – the place where I’m adding the finishing touches and where the finish of the paint is the fat with pure oil — and shiny.  It’s starting to feel ‘right.’

I started this painting many years ago, when I lived in Litchfield, Ct.  This is the view across the yard from outside my bedroom window.  It was begun on Thanksgiving morning of that long-ago year.  To the best of my recollection, it was 2006 or 07.  The tree was loaded with red berries early on that morning, in that moment,  but which all  disappeared by the end of the day, eaten by an unending stream of birds that came along as the day grew warmer and the new snow started to melt.  All kinds of birds visited the tree that day.  Flocks of Blue jays, Lady Robins, sparrows, finches….    By late afternoon, the  berries that looked like shiny ornaments on the tree that morning, were all gone.  The tree was stripped bare and the snow was mostly melted.  So, this painting depicts an all too brief moment in time when there were many red berries on the tree, the sky was blue, the surprise of new snow was on the ground and Thanksgiving in the air.





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