Frankenstorm has passed!


Yesterday was filled with tension from the arrival and early presence of Storm Sandy and all the preparations to attend to the possibilities of what Storm Sandy might bring.  In some ways, the day was like a holiday, filled with preparations for a special event and many phone calls from far-flung well wishers.

“Stay safe” was the prayer for the day.

A year ago, we had a huge blizzard, 18 or so inches of unexpected snow and wide-spread power outages.   Where I live we were without power for almost 4 days and I was one of the more fortunate of my friends and family as they were without power many days more than i.  Needless to say, we were all well prepared.

I felt the hit of Sandy making land-fall, last night around 7pm.  The wind was fearsome.  Things started blowing around on my porch and the door blasted open from the force of the wind.  I stepped out maybe 10 seconds in order to secure those few things and by the time I stepped back inside, needed to change my wet clothes to dry and towel-dry my hair.  I felt that I should have lashed myself to the mast before I stepped out.

The wind and rain was mighty, with much howling and moaning.  The rain was beyond torrential; I’ve never experienced such an enormous deluge, so don’t really have words to describe.  And in all this, my power never went out.

Around 10 pm, I decided to go to bed and was sound asleep by 10:15, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the wind and rain.  I woke a little before 3 a.m. and heard absolutely nothing.   I found it difficult to believe my senses so got up to look out.  The street outside was quiet, empty.    The streetlight showed  a shiny street and some water trickling down the side of the road and that’s about it.  There was no wind, no rain.  I still had power.

My friends and family are all ok although some are without power and a sister has a huge fallen tree resting on her kitchen roof.  I’m grateful, grateful, grateful.  My heart is with those who are suffering far worse.


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4 Responses to Frankenstorm has passed!

  1. Glad everything turned out ok for you! mother nature can put us in our place sometimes!

    • My area of CT was lucky, this time. But, it isn’t even winter, yet, so I’m going to be grateful for having been somewhat spared during this storm and hope for the best….

  2. chris ludke says:

    Good to hear you didn’t get any serious problems out of the hurricane. It was not too bad here in richmond , but we were all ready for the worst.. We compare every storm to hurricane Isabel, when the wind howled at 70 mph all night and rain flew sideways like needles . My roof stayed on that night, thankgod. I think its safe for me to speak for my fellow Virginians to say our hearts go out to all who are suffering in the northeast.
    And keep up the good art work !

    • Thanks for your good wishes. My area of CT didn’t get hit too badly at all, so lucked-out, this time. My heart is with those who lost so much. And thanks for kudos, re: art work. I sincerely appreciate your comment.

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