Frankenstorm is on the way!


Oct 27, ‘12

Here we are, at the end of October, on the edge of an impending ‘Perfect storm’ that weather-people are already calling ‘Franken-storm’ because it’s appearing to be 2 large storms that will collide over heavily populated areas on the East Coast, where I live.  Today is a gray day with mild temperatures and no wind.  I already have a half tank of gas in my car, so will not be lining up for gas, as has been suggested by the weather people.  I have supplies enough for a week for me, my cat, Albert,  and my parakeet, Birdie.  I won’t be going to the grocery store for anything until later today.  I discovered during last year’s Halloween Blizzard that while I may be without Electric that Natural Gas and city water continue to flow.   I’ll have hot water and can light my gas stove with a cigarette lighter or a match, so will have meager heat and means for cooking.  I have kerosene lanterns and plenty of oil.  I have a huge battery-operated lantern and will be able to read at night.  I’m keeping my cell phone charged as well as my 2 laptops and after that —  can only pray for the best and say Bring it On! 

I offer prayers of well-being for all of us who will be affected.

Little Pink, my summer studio, has been returned to Garage-status.  Much of my paintings and supplies have been moved to the basement of this 3-family house for the winter.  The things I need for this winter have been brought inside, to my new winter studio, my living room.   I’ve been painting in this light-filled room for the past few months.  The spirit of this spring and the pleasure of the summer studio have been transferred, as well.

This past April, when I discovered the ‘lost’ paintings, I felt that all the time  I’d need to finish these paintings was 4-6 months.  Somewhere about the end of August, I realized that I’d learned more about myself and my method of working to know I’d need a lot more time. 

I also realized that a lot of my problem with painting in oil is that I was attempting to paint as if Watercolor and needed to learn how to apply white rather than rely on the white of the canvas.  I bought a huge tube of Titanium White and renewed my commitment to the oil paintings.  After that, I realized that I was also being stingy with the fat and was trying to build on layers of oil that were lacking in depth and substance.   I’ve committed to being less stingy with the fat and accustom myself to using  linseed oil as liberally as the Titanium white, as  if there’s no tomorrow.  These materials and sense of resolution  has added a new dimension to my work;  I’m again feeling more confident that in time, I can finish these paintings to my satisfaction – to a place where they feel ‘right’. 

During last year’s Halloween Blizzard – during the daylight hours,  I kept myself busy working on a batch of watercolors from years past that I’d never bothered to finish.  I finished those many watercolors by the end of winter, ’12.  My loose plan is to do the same with these oil paintings during the up-coming days of Frankenstorm  and throughout this coming winter. 

I’m grateful for experiencing a sense of renewal this  Autumn that feels similar to  the sense of renewal I experienced  this past Spring . 

I’m battened down for the storm, have my plan in place for this winter – (god willing and the creek don’t rise.)  Life  in the Now, is good.

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9 Responses to Frankenstorm is on the way!

  1. kenneturner says:

    Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:
    Let’s hope Sandy doesn’t end up being a “Frankenstorm.” However, I love the way nature can inspire art like this painting. I wanted to share it with my followers.

    • Thank you. Sandy wasn’t a Frankenstorm here in NW CT but it was on the shoreline. And thanks for sharing. The painting is from a storm but not this one; it’s from the October Blizzard we had a year ago. I did it the day before last year’s storm; the mood that day was similar to the mood of the weather yesterday while we were waiting for the storm to make land.

  2. kiaman2012 says:

    Sounds like you are ready. Hopefully, you will come through alright. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Many well wishes to you and all who will be affected by the storm…

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