Green Corn Time

I noticed on my drive into NY State last week that the corn was high and bright in all the corn fields I passed on the way.  The corn and rows of corn & fields of corn were obviously in a state of being on the edge of flourishing & spoke of an abundant harvest to follow.   Green Corn Time.  Time to celebrate the last bit of carefree summer-time before the intensity of the upcoming harvest.  Time to turn one’s thoughts  to the upcoming time of autumn as well as to enjoy the waning days of summer.  Time to send up Gratitude vibes to the Universe for providing all the corn for the winter-time….

I’m realizing that an end-time is approaching as to how long I can plan to work in the garage.  I feel I’m nowhere near my self-imposed deadline to have these paintings finished by mid-October. 


I beat up on myself for a bit until I remembered that hasn’t helped in the past and won’t now.  Turn-around time – rapid.  Ahhhh, maturity….  I’ve accepted that if ‘needs be’ I’ll work on these paintings in the house, much as I worked on the 40 watercolors last winter.

I decided to start bringing paintings into the house and hang them on the walls where the watercolors had been these past 4 years.  This way, I can come across these paintings as I’m working around the house and be aware of any fresh insight that might occur.  I’ve brought in many and will bring in a few more later.  In taking inventory this way, I’m realizing that it is Green Corn Time for this series of paintings.

As bitchy as I sometimes feel, I’m overall grateful to have the time, place, opportunity, means, etc to do this work.  I feel fortunate to be who I am now, going back into this work as if an archeologist, bringing up the me who has been stuck in time in these unfinished paintings. 


(Directional Aug 14, ’12)


Directional is approx 10” x 12” (as I recall) and is oil on primed matte board.  I began it as a study and maintain it as a practice piece.  I have a lot of fun with all the shapes.  They create a sense of icon and all the shapes put together arrange themselves into another icon; one that tells me about me and that particular intersection in Litchfield CT and why it impressed itself onto me as an image to preserve by arranging pigment on a flat surface that early spring day.

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