August 12, ’12

If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you’re a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind. Kurt Vonnegut

In my office early, looking at the sky, the garden, listening to the music of the neighborhood….  The first thing I noticed when I opened the door to come outside was that the air was the sweetest it’s been in what seems ages.  The air smelled fresh and earthy, felt soft without the sense of clinging and stifling humidity.

I worked out here for a few hours yesterday but my meditations, labor and the weather brought little joy, so after a few hours, I went home early.

Instead, or working on the old paintings, I worked out a design to paint on a wooden box I found in my mother’s garage along with the 5 boxes full of early paintings.   The wooden box is an unpainted hinged affair, probably intended for jewelry.  I bought it at a local craft shop when it went out of business — 15 years ago!  I primed it and gave it a base-coat 7 years ago.  (We don’t want to rush things, apparently….)   Inspiration for the painted design came from a copy of a Japanese woodcut print I discovered on the internet, which appealed to me; the design on the snippet is my ‘jumping off point.’  It’s interesting to me to see how I’m translating/transposing the image for my own purpose.

As I worked in the house yesterday afternoon I also watched re-runs of The Dog Whisperer.  I’m in the mental process  of rehabilitating my inner dog and training the master.  I have a deeper understanding of the pack from which I come….  I have a deeper understanding as to how to behave around family members.  I have a deeper understanding how to arrive at and maintain a sense of Calm Assertion.

Today I’ve worked on 3 of the old paintings.  I’ve lightened skies and images where they represent catching the sun.  I’ve deepened darks and shadows.  A few days ago, I felt a sense of dismay regarding this project.  Felt that perhaps it would be the better thing to do to trash this project….   I feel different today — and grateful I decided to wait and think about things.

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