Monday Morning Bright and Early….




I am in a Monday Morning Blues frame of mind as I sit at my easel in my garage/studio on a clear and sunny day in early August.

I’ve taken 2 ‘sick’ days from my work. As I sit here looking at and thinking about all there is to be done, my heart shrinks and my thoughts are thinking about yet one more….

I’m irritable and restless to the point where I’m making myself crazy…. Or if not ‘crazy’ then ‘stirred-up’ mentally and emotionally.

The clouds today are seriously wispy; seem to be made of very fine threads, floating, drifting, changing shape, mutable….

The sky is ‘1958 Pontiac Powder Blue — the color of a car my grandfather once owned. It was a ‘2-tone’ Pontiac; the roof was a pale creme, much like the color of the clouds today.

I have yet to decide where I will begin my work today. How pleasant it is to sit here and watch the clouds drift by. If they are mutable — capable of constant change — than so am I. Constant change is the only thing immutable that I can think of, today. I will sit here and allow change to happen.



Two Apple Trees and Jay Peak — WIP




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