August 3, ’12


The news today from Little Pink, my place of hermitage, is that I decided last night to take today off. I haven’t lifted a brush or any artist tool at all, today. Except to go to my car, I haven’t been near Little Pink. I’m sitting on the porch outside my 2nd storey kitchen door, almost to the tree-tops.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the home of a client working on a commission project. I am in the process of making a plan and working out ideas for faux painting certain pieces of her furniture. I’ve had several lunch-time sessions with my client and last week, one working session. We decided to begin with a bookcase and keep it in the yellow family.

My client is a warm and friendly woman who likes me and my work. During our lunch-time chats she’s given me some of her ideas as to what she’d like done with the pieces of furniture she’s selected for refinishing and what she can offer me in the form of workspace and compensation. She also gave me the key to her house, artistic license & her blessings.

Last week I sanded the old finish on the book case to the point where it could be primed. Since I used water-based KILZ, the first coat dried quickly and I was able to apply another coat. Yesterday, after a light sanding, I began putting down the underlayers using yellow ochre, burnt umber and white latex paint. When I’d finished I sat back to look at what I’d done as an entirety, not just as different areas where I was applying paint. I was aware that I was overall pleased and not putting myself down as I sometimes do. When my client came home from work, she looked at the bookcase but withheld comment except to say that she felt pleased with the yellow against her blue walls. I told her that for a newly begun painting that I felt it had a pulse and was looking forward to working on it more next Thursday afternoon.

It’s very hot here in NWCT. We’re having another heat wave that began yesterday. The temp right now is 86 and it’s also airless & stuffy. That was my reason for taking today off. The temp and the stuffiness. I went out early to water my gardens, then I went back to the A/C in my bedroom and had a 2nd cup of coffee while I read more of a novel. During the time I was reading I intermittently washed and hung 2 loads of clothes. Around 11, I decided to go out to do errands and just for the fun of it, see if there were any good sales on summer clothes at K-Mart. Bought a few new things to finish off this summer and start next spring. Stopped at S&S for the every Friday special, $5. Rotisserie Chicken. Came home, ate lunch, back to the A/C to finish my novel, took a nap and 6pm & here I am.

I’m planning to go out to Little Pink early tomorrow morning and put in a few painting hours before it gets too hot and before we have a major thunderstorm that will break this present heat wave.



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